Ripon Dog Park
The Rules
Ripon Dog Park Rules

  • Open From Dawn To Dusk

  • Dogs must be properly licensed, have proof of current rabies vaccination, and wear a collar and i.d. tag.

  • Owners must remain in fenced area with dog while dogs are off leash.

  • Dogs must be under supervision and voice control at all times.

  • Owners must carry a leash and clean-up bags at all times, and immediately clean up and properly dispose of waste deposited by their dogs.

  • Owners will be legally responsible for damages and injuries inflicted by their dogs.

  • Dogs that are aggressive must be kept on a leash and/or be removed from the park.

  • No PitBulls or Rottweilers are allowed.

  • No food allowed in the park.

  • Children must be under constant supervision.  Remember, this is a DOG Park.

Note:  Use of this park has been granted to us by the City and Town of Ripon.  If rules are not followed, this privilege will be taken away.

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